When you use r4nkt, you will have the opportunity to create one or more games. Once you have a r4nkt game, then you can begin to define and use its gamification elements. This section will introduce you to the various concepts within each r4nkt game.
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Each r4nkt game consists of the the following resources:

Common Properties

Many of these resources have the following properties:
Whenever a resource has these properties, the custom_id and name are required. They must be unique for the given resource type for the game to which they belong.
Here is some more information about each property:
  • custom_id: This is your key to the resource and is used for identification via the API. Currently, it can be set to any combination of alphanumeric characters, underscore, hyphen, period, and tilde and cannot exceed 255 characters.
  • name: This is your way of giving your resource a friendly name. It's expected that this property might be used when displaying the given resource to your players. It can be set to any string value but may not exceed 255 characters.
  • description: While not required, this property allows you to give a friendly description of the given resource. As with name, it's expected that this property might be used when displaying the resource to your players. Currently, it can be set to any string value, but may not exceed 255 characters.
  • custom_data: This is a property that allows you to associate custom data with the given resource. You may want to associate image URLs with achievements, for example. Currently, it can be set to any valid JSON string that does not exceed 1024 characters.
If you plan to use custom data references with your criteria conditions, you must remember to only use the following characters for your custom_data keys: a-z, A-Z, and underscore.
There are currently no limits on nesting depth for custom_data, but there is a limit of 10 when using custom data references.
There are currently no limits on how many characters long custom data keys can be, but this will likely change in the near future.


Sessions have been temporarily disabled to allow for a reworking based on feedback.
Sessions provide a way for you to identify certain activity. A typical r4nkt application or game will report a player's activity without any session context. However, there are times where you may want to report activity for a specific period of time, or a session. Achievements that are earned within the context of a session will have their points added to any corresponding session-based leaderboard that you have defined for your game.